The ‘Conan in Cuba’ special aired Wednesday night, and the highly-anticipated episode was a huge success. Conan took advantage of the end of the Kennedy-era embargo and immersed himself in Cuban culture by picking up some spicy dance moves and Spanish slang. It’s safe to say that our diplomatic relations with Cuba were restored the moment he shared a rum juice box with some of his new friends. Here’s some of the episode’s best segments:

1. “Yo Soy Nutella, Yo Soy Nutella!”

Conan freestyles some salsa lyrics with his 8th grade expansive knowledge of Spanish.



2. Spanish Lesson

Here, he learned some useful Cuban slang like “That’s your suitcase!” and a tongue twister about three sad tigers.


3. Conan Angers Dogs

Even though Conan made friends with the Cuban people, the Cuban dogs did not like him as much.


4. Conan Establishes Himself as the ‘Biggest Star in America’

Using his newfound knowledge of the language, Conan strolled the promenade to make sure the Cuban people knew he is very famous.

He also learned rum can come in a juice box.

conan rum


5. Erotic dancing

To top off his cultural learning, Conan mastered the ‘erotic’ rumba dance.

conan salsa dancing

Team Coco almost wasn’t allowed into the country – watch Conan talk about his trouble at customs here.

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