In the wake of a harrowing gunpoint robbery, Kim Kardashian has been understandably private, staying notably out of the spotlight. Fortunately, she has the moral support of her family and several of her closest paparazzi, who have been hounding her every minute of every day to find out how she’s doing.

“Kim! Kim! Hey! How are you doing with everything?” soothingly shouted a cadre of TMZ reporters. “Kim! Look over here! Kim! Are you doing okay?”

The encounter served as a hopeful detente in the often contentious relationship between celebrities and the photographers who climb trees to snap a possible shower picture pic that they can then sell to the highest bidder. In contrast, these particular reporters were clearly only interested in Kardashian’s well-being.

“What was it like? Tell us, tell us!” hollered an E! News reporter in the most understanding tone. “How big was the guy? Kim! Tell us how guns they had!”

In fact, these photojournalists were so distraught by the idea that she might have been hurt during ordeal that they helpfully broke into a locked LA hospital to retrieve Kardashian’s medical records rather than bother her during dinnertime.

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