In response to the uproar over a since-deleted tweet featuring Hillary Clinton and what he described as a six-pointed “sheriff’s star,” presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump this week doubled down on his defense of the troubling meme by tweeting a photo of a Disney Frozen coloring book and sarcastically asking “is this the ‘Star of David’ also?”

Damn. I never thought I’d associate the name “Walt Disney” with anti-semitism.

I mean, I get what Donald was going for. He was scrambling, trying to justify his usage of a six-pointed star against a big pile of money and squash any claims that he was alluding to some Zionist conspiracy in his original tweet. Best case scenario, it’s a supremely sloppy gesture from a man running for president of the United States. But by invoking the imagery of Frozen – an inescapably popular movie that has grossed over $1 billion to date for The Walt Disney Company – now whenever I hear “Walt Disney” I’m going to think “anti-semitism”, something I never had to worry about before.

It’s hard to imagine what would possess Mr. Trump to muddy the good name of Walt Disney – he too a genius of real estate and labor-relations pioneer – by linking the Disney name with his own troubles with the press. It’s crazy to even think of anti-semitism and the name “Walt Disney” in the same sentence.

And yet, here we are. Damn.

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