Dear President/CEO/Captain of Netflix,

I hope this letter finds you well. My name is Donde L. Abiblioteca I am writing on behalf of the #1 Vincent Chase Fans East Coast Chapter. We are 30 dedicated members strong stretching all the way from Franklin Lakes, New Jersey to Havre de Grace, Maryland. In addition to being major fans of Vincent Chase (star of the HBO documentary Entourage) we are all Netflix subscribers. So please take the following request VERY seriously:

Bring the hit indie classic Queens Boulevard starring Vinny Chase to your streaming service, starting yesterday.

This seminal film has never been released anywheres due to studio restrictions and director Billy Walsh’s personal, creative demons. But you could change all that. Just like CMT is saving music documentary Nashville, you could be the hero that brings Queens Boulevard to Chase-heads everywhere. It would be a move of extreme boldness and hard-core greatness. You would win yourselves literally 1,000,000 fans and 50,000,000 new subscribers. I personally would commit first-degree murder to see the scene the documentary Entourage teases here:

How am I supposed to just keep working at the beef outlet knowing that we’re never going to see this brilliant piece of artistry? I can deal with Aquaman never being released. I can handle never seeing Medellin. I’m even ok never feasting my greedy ojos on Head On, Vinny’s breakthrough role. But Queens Boulevard simply has to be available somewhere. Netflix is the logical place.

Please, please do not let this masterpiece of modern cinema remain unseen just like every other Vinny Chase movie ever made. He’s really had it rough, what with every single one of his movies being unavailable for human consumption (kind of like all the beef we process at the beef outlet). So, please, Netflix: Start streaming Queens Boulevard. Do it for Vinny. Do it for me. Do it for America.


Donde L. Abiblioteca, Interim President of the East Coast Chapter of the Vinny Chase Fan Club

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