As presidential candidates Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton prepare for a series of make-or-break debates, fellow presidential candidate Gary Johnson has been putting his argumentative skills to use as well, on Santa Fe’s crosstown bus line.

“Come on Rick, it’s me, Gary!” Johnson was seen pleading to Rick, the driver of Johnson’s most commonly used bus. “Listen, I left my monthly pass at home. I’m a forgetful guy sometimes. You really gonna make me pay for a ticket?”

Though Johnson’s hopes of participating in the presidential debates seem to be dwindling, Rick reports that the libertarian candidate has participated in bus fare debates on a daily basis.

“It’s a different excuse every day with this guy,” Rick told CNN. “One day, he leaves his pass at home. The next, he’s low on cash because his landlord wouldn’t get off his ass about rent. I mean, shit, it only costs $1.25.”

Though Johnson’s lack of foreign policy knowledge has tanked his national backing, both his supporters and detractors have agreed that Rick can be kind of an asshole about the fares.

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