Saying that the stresses of being a woodland creature were getting too much to handle, a depressed bear confirmed that he can barely get out of hibernation anymore.

“This always happens to me around this time of year,” said the bear, curled up in his den. “Something about the changing seasons. It’s like, why should I even bother getting up?”

The bear confirmed he was increasingly having trouble finding joy in activities he once loved, like startling unsuspecting hikers or eating honey. The weight of the world seemed to be crushing down on the melancholy bear.

“The ennui of bear life is underestimated by so many,” lamented the bear. “Sometimes I stand in the river with the salmon all swimming upstream around me, and I think how I’m just like them, struggling upstream toward my ultimate death.”

Finally, the bear resolved to just eat his feelings and not get out of bed until next spring.

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