As Broadway celebrates it’s best and brightest at tonight’s 69th Annual Tony Awards, a disappointed Tony Hawk has been spotted skulking outside Manhattan’s Radio City Music Hall clutching his skateboard. The extreme-sports pioneer is said to look both sad and confused.

Doing his best to avoid any interactions with other people, it’s unclear if Mr. Hawk had a ticket for the event, or is even a fan of theatre at all. He was said to be wearing his nicest shorts.

“Maybe he thought it was it an awards ceremony for people named Tony” said 11-year-old Dylan McCormick, who approached the skate legend for an autograph only to be shooed away.

“But I’m sure Tony Hawk is smarter than that.”

After fifteen minutes of lurking and quietly mouthing the word “stupid” to himself, Mr. Hawk set his board on the asphalt presumably to skate away, but was promptly stopped by a police officer who informed him that skateboarding was not allowed outside Radio City.

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