March 31, 2016
Contact: Sharon Day, Disney Co. Public Relations


This spring, Disney is pleased to announce our history of vague anti-Semitism and blackface cartoons is being locked in the Disney vault forever. Of course the public will still be able to see all the offensive, backward cartoons in question here, here and, yikes, here. Those will probably live on the internet forever, much like everything else we’ve put in the Disney vault.

blackface mickey

This is going in the vault…meaning we’d love for you to forget it, please?

BUT but but but: As a company, we’ve been so good lately. We spoke out against that insane Georgia bill that would have allowed businesses to discriminate against LGBTQ folks. And, guys, have you seen Zootopia? It’s social issue on social issue on social issue wrapped in a cute little bunny suit. Now, instead of cramming weird racial stereotypes down kids’ throats we’re cramming woke sloths. We’re on the right side of history for once and boy does it feel profitable positive, progressive and open-minded.

So get your fill while you can — we won’t release these toxic views from the vault until it’s somehow convenient for us — which is hopefully never!

Magically (and Progressively!!!) Yours,

The Walt Disney Company
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