Some people like to go all out with their costumes on Halloween, but it’s important that your outfit is practical as well as fun. That means you’ll want to make sure to be comfortable, warm, and have a convenient place to puke after a long night of binge drinking. These DIY ideas will ensure that you’ll make a big splash with your costume, but not on your costume!



This one is kind of a no-brainer. Throw on your favorite grey jumpsuit, grab a mop, and carry around a garbage can all night. Feeling a little queasy? Boom, you got a puke receptacle right there in your hand.

Hospital Patient


Step 1: Steal a hospital gown. Step 2: Get wasted. This is a great couple’s costume too. Just have your significant other dress up as a nurse and follow you around with a bucket of your barf all night.

Linda Blair In The Exorcist


This is the easiest DIY of all, because it takes absolutely no preparation. Just booze it up with abandon, and then projectile vomit whenever the mood strikes, on whoever is nearby. It doesn’t interrupt your fun, and you don’t have to worry about cleanup!

My Roommate’s Cat


No joke, my roommate’s cat throws up like once a day, maybe more. Often, she eats her food and then immediately pukes it right back into her food bowl. Recreate this by drawing some whiskers on your face with an eyeliner pencil or something. Drink a bunch, stuff yourself with cocktail franks, and vomit them right back onto the tray of appetizers. Charming!

Literally Anything Without A Mask


This is less of a DIY idea, and more of a warning. Obviously, if you foresee vomiting in your Halloween future, a costume with a mask is not the way to go. The last thing you want is to barf right into your Freddy Kruger mask because you couldn’t get it off fast enough. 

So have fun and be creative this Halloween, and always remember the two most important things: be safe, and you didn’t have fun unless you puked.

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