Republican nominee Donald Trump struck a decidedly presidential tone when he visited an African-American church in Detroit on Saturday and left a short while later after delivering some prepared remarks and avoiding leveling the church to the ground.

“This is a different Donald Trump than we’ve seen before,” one CNN anchor said. “The old Donald would have called the congregants losers, vomited on himself, and thrown a toilet through a stained glass window. But the new Donald did none of the those things. Just like a real president.”

Trump even took some time to speak individually with one of the churchgoers, displaying his human side.

“Hi, how are you, thanks for coming,” Trump told the woman, immediately turning away and shuffling toward the front of the church as seven of his aides breathed a deep sigh of relief.

“This is a new strategy for us, and it’s going great,” said a Trump campaign advisor, who spoke on the condition of anonymity. “Mr. Trump has really been showing what he’s capable of, not so much by doing presidential things but by not doing not presidential things. Did Teddy Roosevelt ever punt a baby like a football? Well neither did Donald Trump. This week.”

This is the latest in a recent string of Trump victories, including when he put his shoes on the correct feet and when he remembered which continent Canada is on.

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