With yet more allegations of sexual misconduct towards Donald Trump emerging, Trump’s public image continues to rapidly decline. After threatening to sue the New York Times for libel, Trump has set his sights on suing a new target for libel: Donald Trump.

Trump’s advisers showed him a video clip on Wednesday, in which he told a young girl that she would be married to him in 10 years.

“This Donald Trump here on this tape is making me look bad, very bad.” Trump said angrily. “He must be stopped. We’re gonna sue this guy for defamation of character.”

Trump immediately consulted with his lawyers, who were unsure how to proceed.

“There is no precedent for someone suing a past version of themselves,” explained one legal expert, “but I’m pretty interested to see how this plays out!”

Donald was not satisfied with that answer. “I’m Donald Trump. I can sue whoever I, want for whatever reason I want, and I want to sue Donald Trump.”

“First that Access Hollywood thing, now this,” he continued. “It’s no coincidence that all these things are coming out to distract from Hillary Clinton’s emails. These videos are even more proof that this election is rigged against me, by the liberal media, the Republican elite, and most of all, Donald Trump.”

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