That pair of SICK LOSERS who don’t have a single a private plane or well-marbled steak to their names, met last night on some pathetic network to discuss what else – ME. Big handed Donald. I don’t like to comment on my third rate toilet-water-drinking opponents, but after eight debates, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders REFUSE to call me a racist. They skirt the issue but GUESS WHAT??? YOU’RE WRONG— and I’m not just a simple country racist, I’m a world class racist! I’ve been racist in the best restaurants in the world! I’ve been racist to the staff of the fanciest hotels! I’m everybody’s favorite racist. People tell me every day they love my upsetting views. So just say it already you weak, ignorant ISIS fanboys!

Why won’t the clowns say IT? My record is SPOTLESS. I want to build a top notch wall to keep out an entire country of people. Racist. I want to BAN an ENTIRE RELIGION from entering America – the land of opportunity. Racist. I’ve helped reinvigorate white supremacists across this nation with my fantastic rhetoric. Racist. I mean JESUS — I will barely disavow the the former head of the KKK — that’s about as racist as one can be without using the N-word on national TV, which I’m MORE THAN HAPPY to do. Make me do it. Make my day.

Trump Hand

Why are Megyn Kelly’s fugly aunt and Ben & Jerry’s frail cousin holding back?? Are those phony jokesters worried that my supporters won’t care AT ALL and then I’ll be able to fling any racist statements of theirs RIGHT BACK in their faces? Yeah they are. I’ll rub their noses in it like the dog I had but never fed and then the idiot pup died. Super Predators will be every other word out of my mouth!

Got to go now. Going to use my GIGANTIC hands to push some Mexican rapists over the border and then spank my beautiful daughter.


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