Severe allergy sufferers are fuming at EpiPen manufacturer Mylan this week in light of the revelation that the company has driven up its price by more than $500, from roughly $100 for a pack of two in 2009 to $608.61 in 2016. Though Mylan hasn’t officially commented on its price increase, the pharmaceutical giant has indirectly blamed high-deductible insurance plans for rising costs.

EpiPen users should really relax though, because soon all the bees will be dead.

When all the bees are dead from climate change and unregulated insecticide use in crops, nobody’s going to have to use EpiPens except for people with food allergies, which are way easier to manage than bees. Like, if you’re allergic to wheat, you can totally shape your lifestyle as so to totally avoid wheat. If you’re allergic to bees, though? Tough luck: a bee can get you any time, any place.

The good news? Soon all the bees will be dead. And while that might mean less honey, there’s nothing “sweeter” than saving money on the emergency prescriptions you need in order to not die.

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