Brother, this is The Rock you’re sitting down with right here, right now in the greatest country in the world where we both get to do a job we love after making amazing sacrifices to reach the peak but always honoring our families and having a little fun at the same time. I’m speaking to you man-to-man because I want you to hear it from me, but brother, if you don’t stop this shit on set — I can make everyone hate you.

I’m the highest grossing actor in the world and I have a diehard fan base and I survived being the worst computer generated character in film history in The Mummy Returns. I can do no wrong. People buy my workout bags, my Ford trucks and they line up for days to see my films. You can take the whole family or a hot date or yourself to anyone of my movies and leave 100% satisfied.

So if I turn my people on you, you will be done. If I name names in my next Instagram post, you won’t star in another movie. You’ll get booed at the supermarket. You’ll have to start getting your own groceries at said supermarket. Your girlfriend will leave you (which I hate to do cause family is everything.)

So don’t fucking phone it in again on set — okay hombre? Be a perfect actor and person like me and we won’t have any problems. Now let’s hug it out but I’m only going to go 60% cause if I go full Rock, your your bones will turn to dust.

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