Here is a definitive list of foods we at Above Average recommend to bring to the bathroom with you at work for when you get the ol’ gloomies.

1) Ice-cream in a cone is portable, which means you can cry on the sidewalk, at an amusement park, anywhere really!
ice cream

2) Peanut butter is a great source of protein and very easy to eat out of the jar.
peanut butter

3) Once you realize that you’re never going to make your goal weight, whip out a delicious protein bar in the gym locker room. Just let it out, girl.
protein bar

4) Deli meat doesn’t require any utensils, which means you can really focus your energy into sobbing in front of the fridge.
deli meat

5) Dress your salad with tears for a salty fresh flavor!

6) Bread can be very satisfying, but make sure it’s a soft white or wheat loaf. If you try to cry and eat a crusty baguette, it’s going to be a crumbly mess.
6. bread

7) Soup should be lukewarm, in case you’re crying really hard and you accidentally spill. No burns!
7. soup

8) Cheese: A block of cheddar cheese (preferably alone in the dark) is everything you need to have a good cry.

9) Cake: really just bury your face right in there. Mhmmmm.
9. cake

10) Ice cream out of the container. Who are we kidding? This really all you need when everything falls apart.
10. icecream

What do you eat while you sob?

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