I’m a man of big ideas and ambitions. By 2060, my company SpaceX hopes to have a colony on Mars of over 1 million people. In fact, that is why everyone calls me “The Space Cowboy.” Well, not everybody. But the ones who want to keep their jobs do.

Despite my grandiose plans, I’m a pretty laid back guy. I don’t expect people to give me a fun, reverential nickname. That’s why I had an assistant send out an internal memo politely mandating that employees call me “The Space Cowboy.” It just seemed fitting.

Am I going to legally change my name to “The Space Cowboy”? Of course not, that would be crazy. I did, however, get an engraved nameplate for my desk. So when people come into my office, they are casually reminded of my delightful nickname. Those who refuse to call me that might soon find themselves seeking employment elsewhere.

On a related note, I will not tolerate being called “The Gangster Of Love,” so don’t be a smart-ass about it.

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