tim bierbaum emoji art

The world’s most popular hieroglyphics have just taken a huge step in their effort to replace all written language. The web app Emoji.ink lets you draw, MacPaint style, using the full set of emojis. So now, rather than having to describe in dumb old words something like a band of reptiles and a bug and a chicken are busking for money on a city street (phew), you can quickly put the image together with emojis and send it off to your boss. When your boss sees it she will be very impressed and say “YOU made this??” then pat you on top of your head and give you a treat.


A picture is worth 1000 words, so a picture made out of pictures is basically a novel, right? Yes, that is right. Try it out yourself here.

Resident Emoji Artist and Above Average Director Tim Bierbaum is responsible for these paintings. You can see more of his emoji art here and more of his other work here

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