Another interview, and another humiliating gaffe for presidential candidate Gary Johnson. MSNBC’s Chris Matthews asked the Libertarian Party presidential nominee to name any 2016 Libertarian Party presidential nominees that he admired, and the Libertarian Party presidential nominee drew a complete blank.

“I, uh, yikes, just give me a minute…” stammered Johnson. “I’m having another ‘Aleppo moment,’ you know, where I use the pain and suffering of a wartorn part of the world as a folksy proxy for me not knowing basic things I should know.”

Matthews mercifully threw Johnson a rope, by encouraging him to simply “look into a mirror” for the answer he was seeking.

“Oh, a mirror, of course,” Johnson exclaimed, his face lighting up. “Mirror, mirror, mirror. I see where you’re going. Andre Marrou!”

Matthews simply shook his head and reminded Johnson that State Representative Andre Marrou ran for president in 1992, so he doesn’t count.

“Oh right, well then I got nothing,” responded Johnson.

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