The Justice Department has withdrawn its legal action against Apple this week, having cracked the San Bernadino shooter’s iPhone without the company’s assistance. But the FBI still has questions for the tech giant- namely, how to uninstall the Stocks app from iPhones.

“It’s insane. I’m not a stocks guy at all,” says FBI Director James Comey. “I’ve hidden the app in a junk folder on like, the third page of my phone, but it just annoys me that it’s still there at all.” Comey says he is frustrated that the Stocks app is taking up room on his phone that he could be using for other apps that he actually uses, or hi-res photos of his friends. “I don’t want to hide it, I want it gone.”

In its defense, Apple suggests that Justice Department members displeased with the app purchase 12.9-inch iPad pros, which do not come pre-loaded with Stocks. The iPad pro is available starting at $799.

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