Game 1 of the NBA Finals was last night between the Golden State Warriors and the Cleveland Cavaliers. Let’s break down the teams and see how they match up.

Star Power

nba 1
Golden State: Stephen Curry
The one man splash factory and leader of the Golden State Warriors has been shooting out of his mind this season. Look for Steph to be a force. Especially from the three point line.

Cleveland: LeBron James
King James. Four time MVP, Two time finals MVP, two time NBA Champion, and currently the best basketball player on the planet. He arguably carried the Cavs to the finals on his back. He’s a man on a mission and we should expect him to do anything and everything to make sure he brings a championship to Cleveland.


nba 2Golden State: Draymond Green
Draymond is having a career year holding it down in the paint and limiting teams’ best scorers. Look to him for the block or steal that gives Golden State the boost it needs to pull away and put the game to bed.

Cleveland: LeBron James
Believe it or not, nobody has scored on LeBron James. Opposing teams sometimes have to draw up plays where somebody has to pretend to be LeBron’s mother in danger just so LeBron will look away for a second. But usually LeBron puts two-and-two together quick enough to stop the team from scoring. Then he calls a time out to scold the other team for doing something so intentionally hurtful. LeBron is also a leader of men. It’s not uncommon for opposing coaches/players/GMs to issue public apologies to LeBron James after, or during, the game.


nba 3
Golden State: Steve Kerr
Steve Kerr is in his rookie season as head coach but he’s sure knows what he’s doing. In one season, he turned Golden State from a playoff team to a title contender.

Cleveland: LeBron James
When the Cavs go into a huddle, the “official” coach of the Cavs, David Blatt, mimes talking like background actors do. Mouthing words like “peas and carrots, peas and carrots…” while LeBron draws up plays assuring that his teammates wont get in his way while he’s does literally everything. His teammates do exactly what he says because all of them see LeBron as a father figure and the last thing they want to do it disappoint him.


Golden State: LeBron James
They don’t have LeBron James on their team.

Cleveland: LeBron James
LeBron is a human. If he dies, the Cavs lose. And I wouldn’t be surprised if the league also canceled basketball for good.


nba 5
Golden State: Warrior Nation
The crowd at the Oracle Arena are one of the loudest and most devoted in the league.

Cleveland: LeBron James
Would you believe that LeBron James cheers for the Cavs harder and more efficiently than anybody in the arena? Would you believe that he does this while playing the game? Well believe it. LeBron’s own deafening chants silence most everybody else in the arena. LeBron’s fist pumping and witty sign waving inspire LeBron to dig deeper and play stronger. Which he does. In stunning fashion. Solidifying himself as his own hero.

Concession Person

nba 6
Golden State: Ryan
He’s not trying to make a career out of it but he makes sure people get the right amount of change and that everything’s clean at the end of the day.
Cleveland Cavaliers: LeBron James
LeBron sells hot dogs, nachos, beer, burgers, and popcorn in a way that makes me think the world isn’t bad after all. One time I bought a king sized snickers bar from LeBron James and when he handed it to me he said “King Snickers? I don’t remember laughing” and then winked at me. I laughed so hard the EMTs had to strap me down and tranquilize me. I’ll never be that happy again.

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