To everyone’s delight, Apple announced on Monday that it will be adding more options for people of color to their Emoji set. Along with this widened array, Tim Cook and the rest of the Apple design team addressed an even more serious problem: the lack of representation of different colors and consistencies of Emoji poops.

Since Emoji’s inception, the only fecal representation available was the classic “Brown Happy Dump:”
poop emoji- original poop


Which, of course, presents a limited range for those whose turds don’t look like this. The public has been particularly vocal about Apple’s inclusivity issues on social media:

poop emoji tweet 1

poop emoji tweet 2

poop emoji tweet 3


Thankfully, Apple is introducing a full line of different craps to better represent its more diverse users. Above Average was able to get an exclusive preview of the new poopies below:

poop emoji options

Different-Colored Poops
poop emojis- colors


Nutty Poop
poop emoji nutty


The Pepto Poop
poop emojis- pepto


I Ate Beets Poop
poop emojis- beet poop


The “Dippin Dots” Dump
poop emojis- dippin dots


Classic Diarrhea
poop emojis- classic diarrhea


The Poop So Perfect You Want To Tell Everyone
poop emojis- the perfect poop


Siamese Shits
twin emoji


Baby Poop
poop emojis- baby shit


The Surprise Squirt
poop emojis- squirt


Big Poop
poop emojis- big poop

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