At long last sating an opinion-starved public, IMDb community user Maximus_69 has released a list of “Ok Chicks” this week, completing the trilogy of female-ranking lists which populate his user profile on the famous movie website.

Whereas Maximus_69’s (whose name is derived “from Gladiator and from sex”, per a message board post) previous list of “Future Babes” queasily acknowledged that the women he was ranking were too young to be acceptably referred to as “babes”, the marginally less-disgusting “Ok Chicks” list has little obvious criteria, save that all ranked entries are female. Also of note is that Maximus_69’s list of “Ok Chicks” includes no screenwriters, producers, or directors- only conventionally attractive and overwhelmingly caucasian actresses.


Chloë Grace Moretz will be thrilled to know that a stranger has deemed her both an “OK Chick” and a “Future Hottie.”

Scarlett Johansson takes the top spot on the list of “Ok Chicks”, with Brooke Shields and Gwendoline Christie carrying over into the top ten from Maximus_69’s list of “Very tall girls (6-feet-tall and above).”

Discussing his important list on IMDb’s message boards, Maximus_69 justifies that “Scarlett is ok, but just ok,” as if he would ever find himself in the same city as any of the women he has taken the time to rank the attractiveness of, let alone the same room. “She’s no Tia Carrere though, who I consider to the total package.”

Asked if he would ever consider compiling a list of women who are the total package, Maximus_69 said there was no point as the list would consist of a single entry, that of Tia Carrere.

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