As hard as it is being a broke student, graduating college only intensifies financial pressures. Not only is finding a well-paying job difficult in this economy, you’re also responsible for paying back all that debt you racked up in college. Luckily, some smart money tips can put you on the right track, and while experts can differ on some strategies, they all agree that the most important factor is having a huge reservoir of personal wealth to draw upon.

“There’s a lot of smart things you can do: open a ROTH IRA, cut down on necessary expenses, make a budget,” said financial advisor Anthony Barton. “But honestly, none of that is as important as having a huge pile of money that seems almost infinitely replenishable. You can be really bad with money if you have a ton of it, so really just focus on that.”

That advice was echoed by nearly every financial professional, as well as from college graduates who had enormous sums of money to put toward living expenses and debt. “When I added up all my expenses, things seemed pretty dire — but then I just paid all my debt and purchased an apartment with my huge bank account,” explained Tara Andrews. “Made things super easy. I’d recommend it to absolutely anyone graduating.”

So, if you’re a couple years out of school, the advice from experts is clear: be unfathomably rich. So get out there and already have a lot of money!

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