Snackable. Scrumptious. Melt-in-your-mouth yum! On a recent trip to New York City’s Times Square, I was fortunate enough to visit the famous M&M’s World store, and while I was not surprised to find that they only sold M&M’s and M&M’s-related merchandise, I got to thinking that they should really sell Skittles at the M&M’s store too. Here’s why!

1. Skittles = fruit, which is way more healthy than chocolate. Even though you’re on vacation in Times Square with your girlfriend Janelle, there’s no reason you should be eating chocolate all day. After all, you already had some M&M’s today! If M&M’s World sold Skittles, I would definitely have some while Janelle looked at posters of the M&M’s guys for our one-bedroom apartment. (They were out of the one she wanted, oh well! She loves M&M’s, so we have a lot of M&M’s stuff at home.)

2. I’m hungry for Skittles, not M&M’s. On the bus to New York City, I had two bags of regular milk chocolate M&M’s and one bag of peanut M&M’s because those were the snacks that I was allowed to buy, so I’m just not hungry for M&M’s any more! I need something fresh, like Skittles. Just my luck that only two blocks away from the bus station is M&M’s World!

There were also a lot of other restaurants like pizza and Cold Stone Creamery, but Janelle said she didn’t want to eat at any of those places so after getting in a bad fight on the street we just went to M&M’s World like she wanted, even though we are going to be in New York City for four days and can go to M&M’s World any other time. We had all our luggage with us in the store, and everyone kept saying we were in the way. The M&M’s store should also sell plain water to drink, I was very thirsty the whole time!

M&M's and Skittles... together? Not if Janelle has anything to say about it.

M&M’s and Skittles… together? Not if Janelle has anything to say about it.


3. Purple ones. Skittles has purple ones standard in every original flavor bag, but if you’re in the market for a purple M&M you’ll have to wait until Easter or make a visit to M&Ms World, which we were at for almost three hours until they closed, and then for two more hours the next day. When M&Ms World still didn’t have the poster of the Green M&M and the Yellow M&M holding hands the next day, Janelle called the lady working there a “shitstain” and broke a mug on purpose. What a bad vacation!

4. There’s no Skittles World. It’s all well and good that both M&M’s and Skittles are all rainbows on the outside, but lately I have been thinking that maybe it’s more what’s inside that counts, and that I do not actually like M&M’s that much or ever have a good time with M&M’s. Honestly, I don’t even really like Skittles that much either, but the mere fact that they are not M&M’s makes them very appealing to me. Maybe I will get to have some on the bus home from New York, but only if Janelle is not looking.

Happy snacking!

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