Since the dawn of the internet, people have been creating content online for people to enjoy for free. Also since the dawn of the internet, trolls have been ridiculing that content from below the parapet. Trolling takes zero effort, so we’ve made it even easier by creating this pre-packaged troll tool belt to be used at your leisure. Hey, someone’s gotta do it!

Anonymizing Profile Pictures
To avoid people associating your real face with your destructive comments, here are some rights-free, fake profile pictures to avoid people making fun of how YOU look after you make fun of how THEY look.

fake troll pic 1

fake troll pic 2

fake troll pic 3

fake troll pic 4

fake troll pic 5

fake troll pic 7

fake troll pic 6


Photo Comment Replies
If you’re a troll, Facebook comment replies are your bread and butter. No more searching the internet for your favorite photo-based zingers. Save these images for an easy-access stockpile of funny memes you didn’t write yourself:

photo comment 5



photo comment 2


photo comment 3

photo comment 4

photo comment 6

photo comment 1


Pre-made Mean Comments
Why just scroll past when you could stop and spread a little hatred? Divisive internet comments are the most valuable tool in your troll-belt. Copy-and-paste your favorite below!

this is awful.
shitty opinion is shitty
fuck yourself.
this is dumb
well this is the dumbest thing I’ve seen all day
waste of time.
this bitch needs a boyfriend
so stupid.
you suck

And, a BONUS personalized “Above Average” comment:
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