Garry Marshall passed away last night, along with the hopes and dreams of wholesome prostitutes everywhere. Marshall directed Pretty Woman, the movie anthem for women with hearts of gold who also happen to be sex workers.

“That movie was the reason I became a pro,” said Jenni (real name Jenny) from Los Angeles, CA. “I was a young girl in the midwest trying to decide what to do with my life. I wanted to either be a nurse or a project manager. But then I saw Pretty Woman and decided right then and there I would be a prostitute. But now that he’s gone and it feels like I was just chasing a silly dream.”


Richard Gere inspired thousands of wholesome prostitutes.

Many women on the boulevard reported having the same feelings, what they once saw as an opportunity to make friends and meet a rich businessman now feels like a fantasy. “I guess I’ll go home and finish my master’s degree,” Lili (real name Lily) sadly said to her friend as she pulled off her wig and headed towards the motel where she currently resides.

“A lot of us are packing it in and calling it quits now that Garry is gone. He was our inspiration for being out here. Without him, this just feels like a dangerous, low paying job. Maybe if prostitution were legalized and our lives weren’t in jeopardy every night I would stay. But until then, this just doesn’t seem right,” said Kathi (real name Kathiy).

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