Gary Johnson was yet again put on the spot when MSNBC host Chris Matthews asked him to name his top 5 rappers all-time – but the Libertarian candidate managed to avoid another gaffe. He actually really knew his stuff!

“Well, you know, I’m more of a west coast guy – not that there’s much of a scene in New Mexico. But I’ve always been drawn to the ‘Yay Area,’ so to speak,” said Johnson, referring to the Bay Area. “So, I’ve gotta give a nod to the homie Mac Dre, rest in peace. I hope you’re thizzin’ up in heaven, fam!”

“And of course, I wouldn’t be a true hip hop head if I didn’t put Tupac in my five. The man was a poet, and Me Against The World is still the most powerful display of the thug spirit in hip hop history, bar none,” Johnson continued to tell a somewhat baffled Matthews.

“After that, I gotta include KRS-One, but then we’re not talking just rappers, we’re talking teachers. Because KRS-One is a rap-scholar,” Johnson added. “And I’ll tell you what, I never go to bed at night without listening to a little “Children’s Story”. I don’t mean Mother Goose. I’m talking about Slick Rick’s seminal 1988 classic. The man was a one-eyed genius.”

“Now if we’ve got any haters in the house, I wanna hear y’all chirpin’ now,” Johnson said, gaining steam. “But James Todd Smith, or should I say L.L. Cool J, has always been a real fav of mine, because he could balance his harder and softer sides like none other. He could go from “Mama Said Knock You Out, to “I Need Love” on a dime. Man, that’s my dude.”

At this point, Matthews attempted to change topics, with Johnson having appropriately made his point. But the apparent rap enthusiast was not done.

“I’m not done, Chris,” said Johnson. “So, number six gets tough. Could go to Big L, Big Pun, Pimp C – and RIP to all 3, nahmean? But I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention my deep love for O’Shea Jackson. Or, as most people know him, Ice Cube!”

“And if we’re talking pure lyricism, I don’t see how you can leave out Immortal Technique. He’s not making that shit for the radio, man, he’s telling stories. Raw, real stories.”

“But OK, I’ll wrap it up. The last spot goes to Iggy Azalea,” Johnson said, stunning the audience into momentary silence.

“Nawww, I’m just playing fam! It’s gotta be No-No-No No-Torious! Christopher Wallace. The Biggie Smalls,” Johnson added, before rattling off a few of his favorite lines. “I was a terror since the public school era. Mmm. That’s my shit, Chris. That’s my shit.”

Johnson then dropped his mic, gave Matthews some daps, and strutted off while a loudspeaker blasted “The Message” by Grandmaster Flash.

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