Gary Johnson, former New Mexico Governor and current Libertarian Party presidential nominee, is in hot water after responding to a question about the refugee crisis in Aleppo with, “What is Aleppo?” It was a major foreign policy stumble for Johnson, though he covered his tracks pretty well with his follow up, “Ohhh Aleppo, yeah duh I know it, I just only saw the first season.”

Johnson continued to ramble saying, “Yeah like it starred that guy — the one from New Girl. Really funny. I just don’t have Hulu Plus so it’s hard for me to catch up on the new seasons.” The rest of the panel remained stunned by Johnson’s response, to which he added, “Yeah and like, I love good shows. Totally. Breaking Bad is so great. I just, I’ll probably binge Aleppo this weekend. Mostly though I’m more of a classic movies guy, Taxi Driver and all that. Totally. Anyone need another beer?”

It was hard to watch for Johnson supporters, but better than anything Trump has said ever, so not a total wash.

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