Popular sports drink brand, Gatorade, will introduce an organic version of its electrolyte-rich drink: G Organic. Going above and beyond certified organic requirements, G Organic will be made from 100% cage-free little 6oz. Gatorades.

“It was important to us to treat our Gatorades well. Happy little Gatorades grow up to be happy, full size 20 oz. Gatorades. Then their caps are humanely unscrewed and their contents are poured into bottles that say ‘Organic’ on them,” explained Gatorade’s head of sustainability, Josh Browz. “We used to just keep them in fridges, which now seems really cruel.”

Gatorade purchased a 200-acre farm in western Pennsylvania to support its new endeavor. The little Gatorades are fed a strict diet of glucose and sucrose and get plenty of exercise rolling down hills and tipping over.

“When you sip a Gatorade, it’ll still taste like sugar-water, because that’s still what it is,” Browz said, while adjusting his gingham J. Crew bow tie. “But now you’ll know that sugar water got to wrassle with another sugar water in the sunshine. And that’s pretty chill.”


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