By now you’ve likely heard that Gawker is a great place to catch up on the news. Politics, entertainment, pop culture — they have it all. They turned a small blog into a thriving news outlet with hundreds of employees. According to Gawker though, the one thing you don’t know about Gawker? Gawker is dead. This according to Gawker.

Journalism is a business about risk. Gawker took risks on stories. Using its powerful resources to out CFOs and venture capitalists. Important work, none of us can disagree. Their biggest outing yet, though, came when they outed themselves as dead. This kind of journalism might come as unsettling to some of you, but you can’t discount the value of this news. If you are a company in the public eye, it’s OK for Gawker to say whether you are dead or not, whether it has any bearing on news or not.

Gawker isn’t saying it’s bad for Gawker to be dead, but posting it so it sort of implies an opinion of it being special or irregular or newsworthy. It’ll be Gawker’s last outing, since it is dead, but Gawker is proud to go out with one last out.

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