Congratulations are in order to Albert Redd of Sarasota, Florida, who was voted “World’s Worst” today after he replied-all to a large group email in order to apologize for an accidental reply-all email he had sent three minutes prior.

“Can’t wait for the party, Dan! Let me know if I can bring anything,” Redd wrote to nearly 85 invited guests. “Also, is it cool if I bring Janet?”

“Oops, sorry about the reply-all, major technology fail!!” Redd quickly wrote in a separate email, ostensibly on purpose, thereby destroying the productivity of dozens of hardworking Americans.

“Look, we’ve all sent a reply-all by accident. How does sending ANOTHER email help anything? Jesus,” fumed Tess Valiere, who was traumatized by the incident. “It took me at least nine seconds to read Albert’s emails, realize it wasn’t for me, delete it, and then delete his follow-up email. My month is completely ruined.”

Redd received his “World’s Worst” trophy at a private ceremony, beating out a woman who refers to her two dogs as “my furbabiez,” a 37-year old man who skateboards to work while holding a briefcase, and woman who wrote on Facebook that she was “adulting” after a recent trip to Home Depot.

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