51 years ago today, after being slapped on the back by a doctor, newborn Nic Cage screamed louder and more intensely than any other baby in history. To celebrate, we picked our favorite Nic Cage moments. Let the madness commence! 

The man can dance. 
– Joe Kelly


Reddit’s One True God
For the uninitiated: bask in his glory.
– Kelly Harper

A Supercut Classic
Nicolas Cage punching women and screaming “THE BEES!” forever.
– Celeste Ballard

Nic Cage Cries
Nic Cage really tugs at the heart strings in this classic.
– Benjamin Baldwin

Somebody Secure Prince George
I feel like the palace police gave Nicolas one too many chances before taking him to jail.
– Brendan McMorrow

The Baddest Lieutenant
When Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans came out not many people went to see it. It has a terrible title, the trailer was generic and boring, and it’s a remake of a not-so-watchable indie movie famous for a shot of Harvey Keitel chillin’ in his apartment nude from the knees up. But this movie is amazing, mostly because Nic Cage is more over the top than I’ve ever seen him. It is so explicit in it’s violence, drug use, and hilarious sociopathic behavior I was sure when it came out on DVD it would become a quotable tough-guy classic in the vein of Scarface or Goodfellas. But even on DVD not many people saw it. There is a rumor that Nic Cage told Werner Herzog (the director) he was going to play the role like he was a werewolf about to change in to a monster. And some of his takes would end with him walking off set growling and scratching at himself. If you like your Nic Cage turned to 11 watch this movie.

Here is one of my favorite scenes: Nic Cage intimidates and old lady and her caretaker and tells them that he hates them. [ED NOTE: Profanity contained within.]
Tim Bierbaum

Nick Cage + Iguanas.
– Anita Flores

Another reason to love this movie.
– Ryan Spears

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