In honor of our new favorite motivational speaker’s birthday, Above Average has compiled our favorite “DO IT!!!!” mash-ups that have come from the depths of the Internet. Enjoy and be sure to DO IT in honor of Shia today.

James Franco Parody

Honestly, don’t know if this is more bizarre than the original, but it’s definitely an attention grabber.

Shia Motivates Prince Eric

This one’s the best in our humble, unbiased opinion. Watch the full version here.

Shia Breaks In

This guy might have to call the cops at this point.


The one thing missing from Star Wars is a little bit of motivation.


Avengers + Shia

The secret Avenger.

Infomercial Shia


Shia’s Ted Talk

Right where he belongs.

Star Wars… Again

Honestly, they really need Shia there.

Inspiring Buzz Lightyear

Come on, Buzz.

And finally, the original

Please make your own and use it to inspire you however you may see fit.

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