Happy Birthday, Steve Martin! The Festrunk Brothers, The Three Amigos, & More ‘SNL’ Favorites

Happy Birthday, Steve Martin! Martin is undoubtedly one of the best tweeters out there and an even greater gift to Saturday Night Live. Here are some of our favorite moments of ‘The Jerk’ himself on SNL:

The Festrunk Brothers: Steve Martin and Dan Aykroyd:
CZECH out (I’m sorry) these Czech brothers getting their grooves on in their tight pants and their wiggly walks.


Steve Martin’s Penis Beauty Cream:
He wanted to make sure he could trust and stand behind the product he was endorsing (and the product he was endorsing).


Steve Martin’s cameo on Weekend Update with Tina Fey and Jimmy Fallon:
That’s literally what it is. He got out of bed and straight to Weekend Update to make a cameo. And then he did.


Steve Martin starts the show with a song:
“20% won’t do it tonight.” No, Steve Martin’s not gonna phone it in tonight! In one of the greatest musical numbers in SNL history, Martin and a stellar ’91 cast promise that they’re gonna seem as if they care tonight!


The Three Amigos monologue:
The three amigos are back together to help each other through this monologue!