Happy Birthday Will Ferrell! Harry Carey, Ron Burgundy, And More Will Ferrell Highlights

Happy birthday to our favorite Bush impersonator, The Anchorman Himself and countless other memorable characters. Here’s a collection of some of our favorite Will Ferrell moments:

His perfect Alex Trebek impression to match a great Sean Connery:

The instrument that every song needs: Cowbell.

Cheering with Cheri Oteri for the Chess tournament:

The greatest American Leaders played by the (actual) greatest American Comedians:

A sketch that made Jimmy Fallon break character:

Space: The Final Frontier.

Buddy the Elf: I saw a dog!

He’s wearing ladies sunglasses on Conan, and totally pulling it off:

In his underwear on television, because why not?

Fighting over tight pants on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon:

Ron Burgundy and his Afternoon Delight Quartet from Anchorman: