Even death can’t stop him. Muhammed Ali, aka The Greatest here on Earth is now attempting to achieve that title in the afterlife as well. Ali is already slated to box Todd, a minor angel who serves no particular God but rather works at the afterlife’s Target and boxes to stay in shape.

heaven target

The Target in heaven where Todd works.

Upon entering the afterlife, Ali immediately sought to establish himself as the new heavyweight champion of all supernatural beings. It’s said that his first words upon achieving immorality were, “I was always number one, that’s ain’t gonna change cause my time on Earth is done. I’m gonna box every angel, shade and ghost, let everyone in the afterlife know that I’m still the most.”

There was even discussion in the Celestial Boxing Federation of allowing Ali to begin competing at higher levels. But Ali insisted he’d work his way up form the bottom of the rankings. “I can take on little Todd,” Ali reportedly remarked, “and then I’ll take on every God.”

Todd the Angel is said to be preparing for the match but not too heavily. “The stakes are low because we’re already immortal beings but I don’t want to get embarrassed. I’m going to though, aren’t I?”

The match is scheduled for June 20th, 2100 because time moves differently in the afterlife than it does here on Earth. Best of luck to both competitors but mostly to Muhammed Ali because he was the best and Todd the Angel seems pretty lame.

Images via Jacobin Mag, 20Blinks.com, DailyCal

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