I am in deep trouble gang. The other night I was on all fours, behind my wife, gently bringing her to orgasm by hitting her G-spot – hahaha, I’m kidding of course, we all know the G-spot is something men made up – by stimulating her clitoris from inside her vagina, and my wedding ring slipped clean off!  How the heck am I gonna explain this one to my wife??

My wife doesn’t miss a thing, folks. The minute I walk in the house and she sees my naked ring finger she’ll put two and two together like PB & J.  She’ll ask, “Where exactly is your wedding ring, mister??” And then I’ll have to say “Eh-er, uhhh…somewhere near your cervix?” Boy oh boy will that get her foot tapping.


Why did I have my fingers in my wife to begin with, seeing as I own and operate a perfectly okay penis? Because I’m trying this new thing where I make my wife cum, which the haphazard and self-interested thrusting of my medium size penis never does. I love my wife and I wanted to make her feel good. Unfortunately, I made her feel so good that now I’m out about 18 karats!!!

Well I’m in for it tonight, ladies and gents. I’ll just have to come clean to my wife about my wedding ring slipping off inside her as I brought her to climax. Here’s hoping she’ll be in a good enough mood to let me fish it out.

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