So we all know about the Lena Dunham Photoshopping Controversy on Jezebel. But there’s an equally important photoshopping controversy the media sadly is not giving much attention to. You will be shocked to discover this canonical photo of writer Emily Altman eating ice cream in space has been retouched.

An anonymous source has provided us with the original, allegedly unaltered image. As you can see there are a number of corrections.


Emily looks fantastic. The unretouched image is pretty perfect. Which makes some of the adjustments puzzling- why did the editors have an issue with the green wall? Why did they feel it was necessary to “fix” the fact that Emily enjoys chocolate ice cream, not strawberry?

Emily’s raccoon friend reaching for her frozen treat has been removed. That’s typical and makes sense.

These insidious changes are troubling. It’s clear what Above Average finds “above average”- eating strawberry ice cream in space. As for the rest of us that eat chocolate ice cream with a raccoon in a green room- the media will pretend you don’t even exist.

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