WikiLeaks has released three speeches that Hillary Clinton was paid to give to Goldman Sachs employees in 2013, and the content of those speeches has revealed what everyone suspected all along: that reading is boring.

Members of the media are already describing Clinton’s speeches as “long-looking” and “a whole bunch of paragraphs.” And while many have long speculating that reading speeches a politician gave to a financial institution would be very boring, a few brave reporters have now attempted it, taken a long nap, and immediately confirmed that speculation to be true as soon as they woke up.

“It’s pretty damning stuff, for reading in general,” said reporter David Schifman. “One of the speeches starts off, ‘Thanks for having me here and giving me a chance to both answer your questions and maybe later on some of the question that…’ and it only gets worse from there. I assume. That’s when I stopped reading.”

When asked if he thought there was a chance that Hillary said anything in the speech that wasn’t boring, Schifman responded, “Do we have to? You know she’s running against Donald Trump, right?”

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