It’s boiling hot in Hollywood and we’ve got the bubbly skin to prove it. Come and get your balls sewn up with this hot goss.

In today’s unfounded rumors about famous strangers, we fill you up and then spit you out like a cap of mouthwash. Go ahead, gorge yourself on these greasy-wet meat flakes and then wipe your mouth with an old bloody rag. Don’t forget to chew, meat holes!  We’ve got more dirty spoons in our boots for next week. Enjoy!


In touch

Brad Pitt has come a long way since 1995 when he had himself cloned so he could have sex with himself. The 90s were all about accessorizing. And woah, Kim Kardashian isn’t fat…is she? You tell us! Well if she’s not fat maybe she’s pulling a #tswift and seepin’ rotting farts quietly out her butthole. #tayswiftfarts



Steve! He’s been ready for this fishing trip with his son Jeremiah for weeks but sources say his dick is another story. And Caitlyn Jenner’s not pulling any punches: “I felt wind on my face and I couldn’t believe it. I was surprised. I was surprised by the wind.” WOAHHH. That’s a little tidbit we bet her people aren’t so thrilled we discovered.



Neck-torque. Head-twisting. Stretching. Turning. Bobbling. Craning. Swiveling. Pivoting. Rotating. The list of things you can do with your neck goes on and on but none of it seems to satisfy Jennifer Anniston, who’s no Friends to her husband’s “below average neck.” She’s been insulting Justin’s head-pedestal for weeks now and Rumor Has It things aren’t so Picture Perfect for The Newton Boys. Maybe Kris Jenner will murder her.



Where the FUCK has she been???


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