It’s boiling hot in Hollywood and we’ve got the bubbly skin to prove it. Come and get your balls sewn up with this hot goss.

Okay, bikepumps, time to put your mouths around that little nozzle and hold on tight – we’re gonna step all over you this week. Try not to move too much, Mr.Operation – wouldn’t want that buzz sound to wake up daddy, now would we? But don’t float down the river just yet. We’re making a stinky necklace and we’ll need a flimsy piece of seagrass like you to shred. So shine up your chili bowl, Ezmerelda – it’s time for a big, hot, spicy serving of beans and meat, all splashy and seasoned, just how you like it, Bruce.




Wow, we never thought we’d see the day – Will and Jada backing into a space and cutting the wheel at just the right moment? Seems like they learned that somewhere….driver’s ed, anyone?? And my aren’t we cozy – as long as we’re nestled inside Kris ‘Enner’s fluffy, 18-foot long, Moroccan cotton boule. But we don’t see that happening anytime soon…or do we, chachkies? Don’t miss Dana tonight! Word is she broke up with Legacy and you know what that means.



Oh no – looks like poor Brad will be sorting through Benjamin Moore paint chips all alone. Wouldn’t be the first time – our source says Brad’s behind the sponge pattern in the downstairs bathroom. Scandalous. Here’s a shocker: your poster was originally a living, breathing person?Believe that one if you want, jumbos, but we’re not getting government certification on our passports.



Well, well, well, tidbits, we just got the inside scoop on Shia’s soup order. The verdict: creamy. Rumor has it that this Disturbia star has had plenty to eat…for now. And here’s a riddle – where do you find a gland, an ear tube and a jaw all in one place? Rihanna’s head, of course. Or didn’t you know that already, sprinkles? Steve is selling body parts on the black market.



What if I told you that Jimmy Kimmel, host of the TV show Pranks, is actually a 3-foot, little plastic ventriloquist dummy? Well, I didn’t tell you that…but one day somebody might. Until then, let’s get this straight: what star named Justin and his wife Jessica have very, shall we say, human bodies? Here’s a hint: They might remind you a little of Justin and Jessica…Timberbeale, that is.


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