Um, I don’t mean to get all millennialish on you, but how the eff am I still unemployed when literally six different people have endorsed me on LinkedIn for skills ranging from “Video” to “Writing” to “Hard Worker”?

Granted I’m only 22-years old, and my friends who endorsed me only use their LinkedIn profiles to ironically post George Takei nerdcore memes, but I would be a huge asset to literally any company. If you count watching movies as real-world entertainment business experience, which I totally do, I have over 17 years of real-world entertainment business experience. Interested? Find me on LinkedIn.

I could totally be your social media manager. In fact, my mom yells at me every night at dinner for being on my phone. That’s right, I live at home, so you can literally pay me nothing and I’ll still be fine. Some people call that an internship; I call it a post-grad semester abroad in the magical land of Cubiclus.

Oh, yeah as a quick update, you should probably add “Creative Cubicle Naming” and “Hilarious” to my list of skills on LinkedIn.

Can start Monday. Will not work past 4pm. Non-negotiable.

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