On Easter, children everywhere will be picking up presents the Easter Bunny dropped on the ground. We aren’t just talking about eggs! Here are some tips to tell the difference between Easter eggs and the inevitable rabbit poop the Easter bunny will leave in its wake. Keep this page bookmarked or print it out as a “field guide” in case your egg hunt takes place out of wifi range.

Easter eggs are round, whereas Easter bunny poops are also round but not as much. Here is a handy rhyme to remember which one to pick up:

If it’s round, pick up off the ground /
Not quite round, should stay on the ground.


Easter Eggs are usually multi-colored and spotted. Easter Bunny poops are also multi-colored and spotted. Poop is brown, but eggs can be brown too: generally the poops are more of a poop-brown.



You can use “mother nature’s poop detector” to see if the object in question is an egg or not- your nose! But first you must know what poops smell like. If you already know, skip to the section below. If not you can try this handy experiment (should take ~5 min.)

1 place to poop
1 q-tip
1 poop (you can make it or get someone else to make it)

Poop into the place you have set aside as the place to poop. Take the q-tip. Holding it at the far end, stick the other end into the poop and swivel it around a little. Take the poop end of the q-tip and hold it under your nose. Waft it around a bit and inhale through your nose. Think about what you are smelling: this is poop smell.

Once you have a working knowledge of what poop smell is like, go smell the object in question: if it smells like poop it is probably poop, not an egg. However, eggs left out can smell very bad, as bad as poop in some cases. So if it smells like poop it is possible it could be a really bad smelling egg.



There’s no reason to eat either Easter Eggs or poop, but if you need to taste them to tell the difference, the poop is going to taste worse than the Easter eggs. Unless you love the taste of poop. In that case, the eggs will taste worse (in a relative way, the eggs will probably taste more neutral than bad). Do you know what poop tastes like? If not, consider eating a poop to see if it’s your style.


Look at the air above the object in question: is there steam? If so it is likely a hot Easter egg that has just been boiled and you can pick it up. However, the inside of rabbit butts are piping hot and will get a poop almost as hot as a boiled egg! Which means they steam as well. Either way, be sure you are not confusing the stink lines from the poop with steam: stink lines indicate odor, not heat.



Put an egg in one hand and the object in question in the other. Bounce them both up and down a little to gauge the weight. This is the least helpful category because an egg and an Easter Bunny poop weigh exactly the same. You will not be able to tell the difference. Put the object in question back on the ground and put the egg back in your egg pouch.


Is it under a rabbit’s butt? If so, it’s most likely a Bunny Poop. If not, it could be either a poop or an Easter egg. Bunnies like to poop AND hide eggs in places that are hard to find.


Happy hunting!

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