Above Average’s staff answers the question: What’s the best thing you saw on the internet this week? Here are our staff picks for some casual reading.


An Irishman In Vegas

“This dad took a GoPro on vacation and filmed his entire trip with the camera facing the wrong way.”

Michael Karnell


An Early Draft Of ‘The Room’

Nathan Rabin’s look at the early draft of “The Room’s” script is fascinating & insane.

Carl Baker


“Sqand is all.”

Ryan Spears


Parallel Parking

“Three funny kids in this funny ad.”

Tim Bierbaum


Puppies Learning To Howl

“There’s nothing cuter than puppies learning to howl!”

Kelly Harper


Whatever I Want

“T-Pain’s lyrics here sound like they were written by a petulant preteen sent to bed without dinner.”

Derrick Sanskrit


Tuba Scream Fail

“My. spirit. animal. This is what happens to me whenever my doorbell rings.”

Courtaney Craig


Company is Coming!

“This is spot on!”

Lauren Dinsdale


DuckTales Theme Sung By The Movies

“Someone took clips from 84 different movies to recreate the theme from DuckTales. This is why the internet was invented.”

Doug Herring



Step Right On It

“Ready for the weekend!”

Jack MacGregor


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