Back in December of 2013, we introduced you to the world of “Hudson Valley Ballers”—our show co-created by and co-starring SNL writers Paula Pell & James Anderson. You know, the web series that had everything from Kate McKinnon powerdrilling a lawnmower to Paul Rudd and Paula Pell having loud, awkward sex smeared against a sliding glass door. (Haven’t seen the first season yet? Watch it here!)

And today, we’re happy to give all who have sorely missed the adventures of the two Hudson Valley “queerballers” some great news: season two is here! We teamed up with Lexus’ L/Studio to make this one even bigger, too. What does that mean? It means seeing Paula & James in their most absurd circumstances yet, and some awesome surprise guest appearances from some of the top names in comedy. Hell, the first episode features Rachel Dratch as a neurotic, gun-toting, cokehead. And that’s just the beginning of the surprises.

Peek the first four episodes of the eight-episode season below! And check back here or in early August, which is when the latter half of the season will be released.

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