Okay, so, I was like totally flipping channels, and I stumbled upon the TNT channel. Like, what even is that? OMG, can you say DRAMA?!

Um, I have plenty of drama in my whole life. No thank you ugh.

That whole channel is literally just like sexy lawyers who make feel shitty about my own wardrobe, people with guns chasing each other, and Cassie texting me to say that she fully just broke up with Logan because she literally saw him behind the photo lab full-on making out with Laura. Which, ew, bee tee dubs. Not Laura Green, Laura Belzer. Yeah, they have fourth period French together, whatever, it doesn’t matter.

TNT has an entire show about the sky falling. Excuse me? I can’t even. Nor can I even with Kyra Sedgwick “closing” people all day long. My fragile heart simply can’t handle Rizzoli or Isles doing their thing, which is probably supes dramatz. Never seen it, no interest, kthxbai.

I’m just gonna go back to watching chill things, like HGTV, where the only real drama is if they’ll finish the renovation on time. Spoiler: they always do, and it’s always crazmazing. No. More. Drama.

Also, do you think if I tell my boyfriend I’m bulimic he’ll pay more attention to me?

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