1. The part where too many people show up for the pool party and the pool is FULL and all the hot ladies have to go home! :(
entourage 1

2. The scene where Ari Gold has a late in life bar mitzvah and his candle lighting speeches are all about the boyz. “A friend is a mitzvah, a good deed for your heart/but a best friend is b’sheret it sets them apart/I have one of those here, he’s not one to miss/My best friend Vince, please come up and light candle number six!”
entourage 2

3. The moment towards the end where the mean studio exec says to Vince, “I see you brought your friends.” And then Vince comes back with “They’re not my friends. They’re my Entourage. And that one is my brother.”

4. The scene where Vince meets a couple of boobs at a pool party and falls in love with the boobs, distracting him from all the other boobs he was trying to boob. He falls in the pool!
entourage 4

5. The opening scene where the producers of the Entourage movie ask Jamie Lynn Sigler if she wants to be in the Entourage movie and she says “no.”
entourage 5

6. The part where E turns out to be a talking loaf of white bread wearing sunglasses.
entourage 6

7. The scene where they all touch dicks but “not on purpose.”

8. The long single-take scene halfway through where the boyz are looking for the club but they can’t find the entrance so they circle around the block for forty minutes and E gets carsick.


9. At the big Summer Year End Pool Party, all the best boobs are there but the pool is dirty from all the boyz’ semen! The pool has to close and all the boobs go home.

10. The part where the Jane’s Addiction theme song plays on a loop for several hours while the actor who plays Lloyd screams into a pillow.

11. There’s a really amazing, long scene where Perez Hilton, Gary Busey, Adam Corolla and the blonde woman from CSI Miami get lunch at Urth cafe.

12. The scene where Ted from the movie Ted shows up at the pool party and brings some bad weed, forcing everyone to go home.


Rachel Wenitsky is a writer, actor and improviser in NYC. She writes and performs sketch with Gentlemen Party and Pop Roulette at The PIT and she twitters at @rachelwenitsky.

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