First, Molly Shannon turns 51. Now, Cheri Oteri turns 53. What’s next, will Jimmy Fallon turn 41? (Actually, yes. Happy birthday to him too!)

Check out some of the best sketches of the late 90s featuring Cheri courtesy of this handy guide!

Spartan Cheerleaders at a Chess Tournament

This sketch pretty much solidified Cheri and Will Ferrell as some of the best up-and-coming cast members of their day. SO CHECK IT OUT!

Nadeen at Burger Castle

What’s Donna Summer’s name in the phonebook? Stretch it out, and SIMMAH DOWN NAH!

Collette Reardon

No one can restrain her. It’s a good time to be medicated!

The View: Sex Scandals

When she’s not hanging in a hot tub, Barbara Walters will destroy you.

The Zimmermans

No one throws a better party than the Zimmermans, especially if you wanna f—.

Rita’s Screen Door

GET AWAY FROM THE SCREEN (not this one).

Joy Lipton on Valentine Day’s Gift Suggestions

What’s your favorite kind of hero? Turkey? Italian? How about one with a built-in vibrator? Introducing the Love Sub.

Althea on the Bus

How many testicles were you born with? Althea is dying to know.

CEO Dreamboats

Who’s your CEO Dreamboat? We like AT&T’s Robert E. Allen!

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