Well, well, well, guess who is on fleek now my little trap bitch? That’s right, Tiffany! Your mother opened up AOL and did a little research on those code words you’ve been throwing around! Once I found out what they meant, I got so turnt that I’m woke to a new level of netflix and chill, young lady!

Don’t think your #squadgoals will ever be getting a ride in my whip again! My discipline is GOAT. IDFKA and I’m about to have a bitchplosion you little pizza rat!

Kanyenot treat me like my rulez aren’t law, you are mad rachet! Nae Nae. Yasss Queen, I am being no shade serious. Don’t twerk your eyes at me! You’re being a real basic bitch bae. I know you fuckboi’d Chris in our sunroom after drinking dirty ginger ale. You are #not #ready #for #sexual #relations! I don’t care if Beyonce went surfing! Oh it is like that? In my spot it is.

You always have done what you want when you poppin, even as a kid, but as you grow up things get more and more serious. I want you to know that I’ll always love you but, don’t sleep on your future.

Also, remember to clean your room before the end of the week. 
Bye, Felicia.

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