I realize that man buns have become somewhat of a joke, but this isn’t what you think. I did not grow out my hair as a fashion statement. I did it because I care about the environment. And what is more environmentally conscious than letting baby birds nest in my man bun?

Every year, deforestation tragically continues to impede on animals’ habitats. That is why it is so important for me to provide a home for these displaced birds. They have nowhere else to go!

I am constantly ridiculed for my dumb hipster hairdo, and I understand why. But it’s worth sacrificing my dignity to see how happy these tiny chirping birds are, getting all cozy up in my bun.


Sure, I always end up with twigs and worms in my hair, and yes, my bun is encrusted with bird poop. And ok, I have to sleep sitting up so that I don’t crush the birds’ eggs. Also, showering is an absolute no-no. And yeah, I have to wear protective goggles to prevent the birds from pecking out my eyes.

But I really feel like me and my man bun are making a difference, and that is all that matters.

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